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Jun. 28th, 2010


Hrm.  Sorry for the jumping around but at one point in time, I was blocked from LJ at work but now it looks like I have access!  But since then, I"ve moved my blog from here to Blogspot.  My new blog is:  http://babydot74.blogspot.com/

I wish I could merge these 2!  Blahhhh! And Xanga!  *sigh*

Hope everyone is doing well.

Sep. 2nd, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend & Early Arrival

We went to Montreal over Memorial Day Weekend because Meanie's sister got engaged.  We left early on Saturday morning and didn't get into Montreal till around 2pm.  We caught up with a few friends and celebrated Meanie's sister's engagement as well as Meanie's birthday, which fell on Monday - Memorial Day.  All in all, it was a fun weekend with some episodes of familial stress but overall, it was fun. Just tiring.  We returned to NJ on Monday and arrived around 6pm.  That night, I got ready for work and went to sleep around 1am and passed out.

At around 1:30am, I woke up startled.  Something had woken me up - Mignon had kicked me so hard that I woke up.  I figured since I was already up, I'd go and pee (which I was doing several times a night).  So I went to pee...and...thought to myself.  "Ok, I know I don't have THAT much pee to pee..." but I just shrugged it off.  I sat there a while more and there's more fluid coming out of me and I know I'm not peeing.  So I start to get all frantic and start googling things and looking up stuff in my Pregnancy Mayo Clinic book. 

At this time, all the lights in the bedroom are on and I'm running back and forth to the computer.  Meanie is all passed out and has no idea what's going on.  Poor soul -- he spent his birthday driving back from Montreal and the next day we have to go into work.  I eventually tap him on his shoulder and say, "Something's wrong.  I'm leaking and it's not normal."  His reply is:   *shoves me away* "It's ok, just call the doctor when you get to the office tomorrow"  0_0  By this time, I KNOW something is wrong but I let it go anyway.  I try to go back to sleep and lie down..and then *GUSH*.  No more trickling, now there are GUSHES.  Ack!!  Meanie finally gets up and starts googling away and then we came to the conclusion to call the doctor.

So I call the doctor and my doctor is NOT on call.  Instead, it's the doctor that my sister warned me about.  [My sister referred me to my current ob/gyn and she went to him for her 2nd child - When she delivered her 2nd child, the doctor on-call who helped her deliver was a complete asshole and has no bedside manner.  She had the most unpleasant experience the 2nd time and warned me to not have this guy assist in my delivery in any way.  Good thing she told me because we told the doctor at the last appointment] Grrreat.  He sounded so unpleasant on the phone but I'm sure it's because he's not happy getting paged at 2am.  So the conversation goes like this:

Dr. Ahole:  "So what's seems to be the problem?"
Me:  "I am only 33 weeks pregnant [Note:  Full pregnancy is at 40 weeks] and I have a clear fluid leaking/gushing out of me"
Dr.:  "And..?"
*what a fucking asshole*
Me:  "And I'm only 33 weeks pregnant!  This shouldn't be happening now!!"
Dr.:  "Go to the hospital, I'll see you there *click*"

Great....so I'm supposed to go to the hospital to see this wonderful on-call doctor.  I throw on some sweatpants, grab my purse and I have my glasses on.  I figured it'd be just a short visit to the hospital and I'll be back in time to go to work the next day. [Hah!] I get to the hospital around 2:30am and get all registered and everything.  I get examined by the on-call intern and that wonderful doctor I spoke to never shows up.  PHew! I think it's because my ob/gyn arranged for different back-up for me because of my request.  *sigh of relief*  The doctor who examined me was very nice and kind.  They told me my water definitely broke and I will have to stay in the hospital until I give birth.  Doh!  It could be a matter of hours, days or even weeks!  Gahhhhhh! 

By this time, I am freaking out and my blood pressure is on the rise.  They strap me to a blood pressure cuff that automatically checks the blood pressure every few minutes.  I end up wearing that the whole entire time I'm in the hospital and it's very unpleasant.  They also start stabbing me with needles for the various IV'S thru the hand!  Talk about OWCH!!!!  I need to go pee again and I go and as I go, I'm leaving puddles behind of broken water.  Doh.  After that, I am literally confined to the bed.

At this time, the doctors tell me that no one knows why my water broke and that now they're worried for the baby's risk of infection since my water broke.  They're worried about the baby's lungs because it might not be fully matured since I was only 33 weeks pregnant.  They decide to give me 2 shots of steroids to ensure that the baby's lungs are fully matured.  The nurse administered the first shot (on my butt and sooo painful) and I was to get another one in 12 hours.  So all I have to do now is wait while being confined to the bed.  It's freaking FREEZING in the hospital and I am shivering in my hospital gown.  The nurse that's taking care of me bundles me up in a bunch of blankets and it helps.  They also strap me to these leg massagers to make sure my legs don't clot and they're really good! I wish I could have stolen it! Hehehe.  And because I was strapped to the IV and strapped to the leg massager, I have to pee in a bedpan.  Have you ever peed in a bedpan?  I've always seen them but never known how to use them.  It's quite degrading.  Unfortunately, the IV passed thru me really quickly and I had to pee ALOT all the time and I needed to use the bedpan about every half hour to an hour. 

How to pee in a bedpan:

Since you're horizontal, you shove the bedpan under your butt on the bed, still horizontal.  And then you pee.  Sounds simple, right?  It's so not.  My brain couldn't wrap around the idea of peeing in bed and I couldn't.  I made the nurse leave and Meanie leave and then after 10 minutes, I was finally able to do it.  It's mortifying and degrading but hey, what can you do. And then you clean urself off with paper towels the nurse hands you.  And I need to do this pretty often and it sucks big time.

By this time, another doctor comes to see me and he tells me that they're going to test my urine to run tests to see if the baby's lungs are fully matured.  But they have to stick a catheter in me because the urine from the bedpan wasn't entirely clean.  Ack, a catheter??!!  Total suckage.  They run tests on that and they finally come back to me after a few hours and tell me that yes, the baby's lungs ARE 100% fully matured. I have no need for the 2nd steroid shot and now they're going to induce me.


By this time, we start to make phone calls.  Meanie calls my parents but they're not at home (at 6am on Tuesday morning) so I tell him to call my sister's cell phone.  She eventually calls back and my parents are there and Meanie breaks the news.  Result:  everyone's surprised and frantic.  I email my co-worker telling her I won't be coming into work because my water broke early and I'm going to deliver soon and I tell Meanie to call my workplace to inform them what's going on.  By this time, I'm updating my status on my Facebook.  :)

They induce me early Tuesday morning - May 26th, 2009 - with a Pitocin IV.  The nurse will raise increments every few minutes depending how on how fast I was reacting to it.  It could take a long time and by this time, my ob/gyn has come to see me.  In fact, the first thing he says to me is:  What the hell did you do???  My pregnancy was so normal that all of us expected a normal delivery  on normal due date.  =/ He tells me that even though they're inducing me so early now, I probably won't give birth till late Tuesday night or maybe even Wednesday morning.  Meanie goes home to pack a bag and is running around the house throwing things in a bag like a chicken with his head cut off.  He calls my workplace from home and he's freaking out (so I'm told later by my manager, hehe).

Things are slowly sinking in now.  I start feeling cramping by noon and it's not so bad.  There's these 2 straps on my belly hooked up to a monitor and they beep. One strap beeps the baby's heartrate and the other strap beeps when I'm going thru contractions.  I'm hearing the contraction monitor beep every few minutes and I come to realize the slight cramping I'm feeling are my contractions.  They aren't so bad..yet.  Around 2pm, they are more noticeable and coming every few minutes.  They are barely bearable but starting to be unbearable.  I'm ready to have an epidural by 4pm but no one comes to give me an epidural for..2 HOURS!!!!  There happened to be a crisis with one of the women giving birth and everyone was assisting her.  I had to wait 2 hours for a freaking epidural and by that time, I'm in pain.  Lots of it.  I cannot talk when I'm being talked to because I'm concentrating on breathing.  If I didn't breathe, it would have hurt more.  The pain was a little bit bearable but I don't know how much longer I could keep on doing this w/o pain medication. 

Finally around 6pm, someone comes to give me an epidural.  It's being administered by an attending and he does it quickly.  After it's done, he tells me that I should be feeling numbness in my legs...but I don't.  In fact, I'm still feeling the contractions.  It's not as strong as it was before but I still feel them and it's very uncomfortable.  By 630, the head doctor of anesthesia comes down and gives me another one and it finally is successful.  I have a slight case of scoliosis (crooked spine) so the first one wasn't done successfully.  You're given this remote thingy with a button on it and you can administer yourself how much of the epidural you want.  I pressed that button 2 times and I was nice and happy.  I didn't feel anything.  Epidurals are a freaking god-send. [The nurse tells me later that I was clutching that remote like it would save my life, lol]

After that, I pass out for a few hours. Meanie is watching cartoons and is laffing.  I've given an oxygen mask soon because they fear the baby isn't getting enuf oxygen and I'm turned onto my side.  I no longer have to pee in a bedpan because I have no feeling "down there".  So there's a lot of pee welling up in my bladder but I have no urge to get rid of it because I don't feel that urge anymore.  Oddest feeling. 

Every few hours, someone comes to check to see how much my cervix [it has to be 10 cm wide to push out the baby] has dilated.  You always hear that happening but you never find out HOW they do it until it actually happens to you.  Well, let me tell you!!  LOL  Someone comes and tells you that, and then they proceed to shove their entire hand up you to check and they measure with their fingers.  Ugh, that was really terrible.  And they had to do it several times and I'm screeching at the top of my lungs cuz it's SO uncomfortable.  Even with an epidural!

By 9pm, I feel pressure in my abdomen and is causing me to fart alot.  =X  The nurse on duty asks me if I'm starting to feel that and I'm like yes!!  She tells me the time is soon.  I think I am fully dilated around 9:30 and they call my doctor to come because I'm ready now.  But the pressure is unbearable by this time.  All I want to do now is to push him out but they're all telling me NOT to do it because the doctor isn't here yet.  It's so bad that they actually give me a drug thru the IV to lessen the building pressure.  The feeling is unbearable.  It's like you have to poop so bad but there's no toilet anywhere close.  =X  The doctor finally arrives around 10pm and I'm starting to freak out again because omg, my baby is coming out soon.  The thing I'm most scared of, during labor, is the episiotomy - Ack!!  I don't want to get cut!!!  Owwie!!

He pokes around in my uterus but can't feel anything because there's too much urine in my bladder.  Hah! So they stick a catheter in and drain my bladder and I fill up the bedpan to the very brim!  All 3 (nurse, doctor and Meanie) are like HOLY CRAP, THAT'S A LOT OF PEE!  *mortification on my part*  Tha'ts like 2 bags of IV worth of pee.  Haha.  After that, they can feel the baby moving around again cuz there's room for him to move now. Hehe. 

There's like 9 people in the delivery room - me, Meanie, my ob/gyn, the attending, the nurse, 3 NICU nurses (they clean the baby and whisk him away to the NICU), the head NICU doctor so forget about privacy.  LOL.  My doctor tells me that he'll do everything he can at first w/o giving me an episiotomy and I'm sorta relieved at that.  And then they teach me how to "push".  Basically, whenever you feel a contraction coming on, you bear down with ur chin on ur chest and "push" as in delivering a bowel movement.  So giving birth is literally like having a huge poop.  LOL.  Seriously!!!

I pushed my baby out in like 6-7 pushes but it could have been sooner.  The threat of an episiotomy was looming over my head and I was reluctant but then I finally let go and finally pushed him out.  He started crying the very second he left my body.  Literally.  All our eyes were huge when we realized that the baby was crying so loudly and that his lungs were fully matured!  He didn't need any encouragement, just screaming when he came out.  :)

Meanie really surprised me during the whole delivery.  He was always telling me that he will only stand by my head when I was pushing because he doesn't want to watch the baby "come out". And he was always against cutting the umbilical cord because he was too squeamish.  On the contrary, he was totally fascinated by the whole process.  He watched the whole thing and wanted to take a picture as Carey was leaving my body but luckily he was too late. Haha. I don't want to see it!  And he cut the baby's cord all on his own.  Carey was born on Tuesday, May 26, 2009, at 10:33pm.  3 lbs 14 oz.

After that, the NICU nurses whisked the baby away, cleaned him and then swaddled him really quick.  They brought the baby to me before they whisked him away and there's my baby staring at me with open eyes and me staring right back at him.  And then they whisked him away from me. :(

And then we had to wait for the placenta to come out.  I didn't have to do anything. It just oozed out of me (I didn't feel it). Meanie saw it and told the doctor "OMG, THAT'S DISGUSTING!" [I didn't really have a good look at it] and the doctor replied "I know.  This is my least favorite thing about my job" LOL  I have no idea what it looks like but I could kinda see from across the room (as the doctor was examining it) that it sorta looked this huge bloody mass of veins and blood.  Ick. Haha.  The attending stitched me up (I ripped a tiny bit) and voila, it was done.  Off to recovery!

Will blog later about recovery and aftermath.  This blog is insanely long already!

Sep. 1st, 2009


Back at work since last week.  I've been so freaking tired ever since I returned.  The baby is fussy at night and won't let me sleep so in turn, I'm utterly exhausted.  I cannot wait for him to sleep through the night!

One of these days, I will have to post up the birth story.  Gotta put it down on "paper" so I won't ever forget!

Jun. 8th, 2009

(no subject)

Well since I'm on maternity leave already, I'm back on Xanga!!  =D

May. 13th, 2009

31 Weeks Checkup today

Just came back from the doctor's office today and "little" Mignon is doing very well.  His heartbeat is nice and strong and apparently he's above average in size - 63% to be exact.  A month ago, he weighed around 2 lbs but now he should be about 3 lbs, maybe almost 4!  Does that mean he'll be an 8 lb baby?  Yikes!!  I was puny when I was born but then again I was 3 weeks early.  I only weighed 4 lbs and 14 oz but I have no idea how much Meanie weighed.  He has no idea. I'll have to ask his Mom when I see them over Memorial Day weekend...

The doctor and most people tell me that I don't even look all that pregnant and that I "hide it very well". Well, that's good, no?  But I wouldn't be surprised if I got super huge during the last month.  I hope to go on maternity leave 3 weeks before my due date.  My dr is willing to put me on 4 weeks before but I think 3 weeks will be enuf.

My only discomforts right now are allergies - I'm allowed to take Claritin but not the one with the "D" in the name.  Also, the bottoms of my feet - the arch, to be exact - get really itchy!  There is no visible rash or anything but when they itch, they itch like hell!  It's from all the blood my body is producing and gravity.  It should happen around the belly too but not yet for me. 

I noticed an interesting thing about Mignon lately.  I've been wearing maternity work pants - the ones with a belly band sewn into it to keep my pants up.  So it's tight around the area between my belly button and boobs.  I think the band part of the pants really bother Mignon so he'll kick and punch at the area until my pants fall down and then he stops. Hahahah.  I think that's funny but I really need to keep those pants up or else they'll be around my ankles as I walk.  He also lets me know when he's hungry and it's time to eat.  Or when I'm lying around too much, he'll definitely let me know. 

I don't have many cravings now like I did in the beginning.  In the beginning, I craved for a lot of pickles and sour fruits - such as grapefruit and pomelo.  The latter was my favorite.  I ate 1 a week, just for myself!  I also ate a ton of fruit cuz that's all I wanted.  I hated beef and chicken was the only meat I ate that didn't get me ill.  I craved for ice cream too.  Now, I don't have any specific cravings.  I just get hungry and just need to put food in my stomach.  Is that normal?  I kinda miss the cravings so I can make up my freaking ambivalent mind to know what to get to eat!  I'm trying to watch my salt intake so I can shy away from my pillow meaty looking feet.  It's kinda hard to. And drinking a ton of water, especially since it's getting warmer out.

I'm still a little scared of the labor process and everything, I'm starting to embrace it - after all, all mothers go thru this and several times too!  And I'll be really happy to finally meet my baby boy after 9 months.  :) My life is so going to change when he arrives...I'm looking forward to it.  :)

May. 11th, 2009

31 Weeks tomorrow (Tuesday)

Last week was 30 weeks - 7.5 months pregnant.  Wowee. It's hard to believe I only have about 2 months left.  Overall, pregnancy has been going well and I don't mind it as much as I thought in the beginning.  It has its pros and cons.  I definitely show now and I'm full in my maternity clothing.  I know I work in NYC and I should be used to the rude people on the trains and stuff but sometimes I just cannot believe how inconsiderate people can be!  Only 2 people have offered me seats on the subway - both women.  Men of all types - whether being fobs from China, Mexico, whatever to men in business suits - just stare at my belly bump and don't even bother to get up from their seats.  What the fuck?  Did your parents ever teach you anything?  Manners, perhaps? This just makes me more determined to teach my baby boy some freaking manners.  People are just so lame these days.

Last Friday when I was taking the train to Port Authority, I was looking for a seat.  There was a tiny, petite black woman in her 50's sitting on one end and there was clear space next to her - with her purse on the empty space.  She saw me, saw my belly bump and decided to leave her crap there and not let me sit.  What the fuck???  I didn't say anything and figured she would be smart enuf to move her shit to let me sit but nooooo, I expected way too much from her.  So instead of moving away from her, I decided to shove my belly bump of mine in her face - even tho the train wasn't even packed, at all.  She couldn't even look me in the face or belly and decided to look everywhere but at me, leaving her shit on the space next to her. Un-fucking-believable.

Don't even get me started on the commuter bus.  Ughhh. 

Nothing much has changed for my 30 weeks except that little Mignon has been kicking a lot harder and more often than before.  And now he's big enuf so that when he moves around, I could feel it in two different spots in my uterus.  Now I can determine if it's a head, a butt or an arm moving around but I haven't really seen it yet.  Wednesday is my 31 weeks appointment.  I should talk to my doctor about maternity leave and stuff.  It's just right around the corner!  Freakiness!

We had a lovely weekend getaway in Boston, chilling out with Meanie's brother.  We first went to visit Meanie's BFF in the cemetery.  He's passed on in 2005 and it's obvious no one goes to visit him.  His family hasn't even bothered to put up the tombstone for all these days so we make it a duty to come every year to pay our respects.  We got our haircuts - I lopped off 5 inches of my hair.  It was getting hard to wash and way too long to deal with so I chopped it all off!  I'm rather relieved to get it all cut.  We went outlet shopping but Meanie got the bulk of his stuff in an hour.  Shopping for guys is so easy and cheap. So jealous!  And then ate yummy food at Bouchee and at Legal Seafoods.  And now we're back at home, back to the grind.  So tired! 

May. 1st, 2009


I think I have to buy a whole new set of shoes again.  Before I got pregnant, my feet grew a little bit.  I went from a 5.5-6 to 6.5-7 size.  I think it's because I just stopped wearing heels (so uncomfy) and preferred more comfy shoes since I stopped having a night life.  :-)  So I dumped all of my old shoes - gave them away to my family or to good will.  But now, my feet are huge again due to pregnancy!  This morning was a bit daunting to find shoes that fit.  Since it's gloomilicious outside, I was going to wear my boots. I love those boots and great, my cankles wouldn't fit into them.  I had to use a freaking shoe horn to get inside my already too-tight sneakers and it's too gross outside to wear sandals or flip flops.  So, I need to buy more shoes.  Good thing we'll be in Boston next weekend for some shopping.  I hate Crocs. I will not wear those!  Maybe cloggy sneakers.  Blah.  Does that mean I'm wearing size 8 shoes from now on?  Gahhhhh. 

Another maternity expense.  Some people tell me that my feet will go back to its normal size but other people tell me this size is here to stay.  I think it's here to stay which sucks big time cuz there are shoes I bought just before I got pregnant that I want to wear!  *sigh*

I'm starting to notice the baby likes to party when I go to sleep at night.  I sleep on my left side in my "nest" of pillows.  I swear, it's a nest. I need to take a picture of it and post it up here. Haha.  It was uncomfortable at first but now it's really comfortable to me.  But there have been times during the night where I just wake up because something woke me up.  I think it's the baby kicking me.  I remember last night there was a lot of movement and I had some really crazy weird dreams because of it. 

I stared at my belly for a good time yesterday. I think you can actually see the kicks coming from there.  But then every time I tell Meanie to come over to watch, the baby gets shy and stops what he's doing until it's just me and him again.  I hope he's not scared of his daddy!

Apr. 29th, 2009

29th week checkup

Just came back from the doctor today for my 29th week checkup.  My blood pressure is fine; So is the baby's heartbeat.  He's measuring fine and the doctor is always amazed to see my uterus is "soft".  I think it's pretty hard myself but I'm not sure what that means.  Hehe.  I guess it's a good thing - the way how he says it.  From now on, my doctor checkups are every 2 weeks! That means I'm on home stretch and it's almost time for baby to arrive.  It's so surreal.  There are times still that I forget that I'm pregnant (like when I wake up) and there's a living baby growing inside of me.  I'm still very anxious about the act of labor but I'm sure that's very normal.  He has to come out soon, one way or another!

I asked Meanie if he had the option to have a baby grow in his stomach for 9 months - would he do it?  He said most definitely!  I was amazed - even with all the suffering and the pain in the end?  He says YES!  He's so amazed by the miracle of life and of pregnancy and he would definitely want to experience it if it were ever possible.  That's amazing to me.  Most men would be like hellz nooo, there's no way I would do it!  LOL

I barely passed my gestational diabetes test I took 3 weeks ago.  I passed but on the very last digit (130) so I need to watch what I eat.  That means I need to cub my carbs (bread, rice, pasta - eeps!) and sugar content (cake, cookies, ice cream, soda) ACK!!!!  I've been trying to cut down as of late but it's so hard when you and the baby are sweet tooths!  He tells me I need to eat more protein - meat, eggs, beans, tofu.  I can still have my carbs but I just need to cut down.  I also need to cut down on my salt intake because my cankles are getting kinda swollen lately.  And my feet are tingly when I stand up too much.  It looks like I have hobbit feet sometimes because my feet are all swollen.  No ankles either.  *sigh*

I didn't gain much this time - only 3 lbs for the last 3 weeks.  That's perfect!  So far, I've only gained like 12 lbs so far in the pregnancy. I hope it keeps down that low.  The nurse was surprised to see that I didn't have any stretch marks and I hope that stays that way too!!  I've been using Neutrogena body oil to keep me moisturized but lately I've been using Belli products.  It's a tad bit pricy but it seems to work so far.  I'm using the anti stretch mark oil on my belly these last few weeks, ever since my belly popped. 

Baby's movements are almost constant and he likes to reside on the right side of my uterus.  All the way from my pubic area to my right ribs.  Lately, I think he's been running out of room and has discovered the left side of the uterus.  Sometimes I feel him rummaging around in that area but most of the time he's on my right side.  His kicks haven't startled me yet but it definitely feels weird.  You know, like an "Alien" sort of creature.  I've been staring at my belly to see if I can see a fist come out or something but no success yet. 

But yeah, those are the baby updates so far!  I can't believe 29 weeks have gone by so quickly! Soon baby will be here...Wow! Exciting and Scary at the same time! :)

The swine flu has been spreading.  My broIL just told me that I should stay home and not go outside because it's been spreading.  I wish that were so but I really need to make some money.  I've just been taking precautions - washing my hands, using hand sanitizer, etc etc. It's like the SARS outbreak all over again.  I hope it doesn't become an epidemic cuz that would just totally suck monkey balls.  *sigh*  It's a scary world we live in these days....

Apr. 27th, 2009

29th week tomorrow

Wow, I am officially in my 3rd trimester.  Scary how time flies!  I am starting my 8th month and baby will be here in a little over a month!  Scary!!!  I think I've gotten really big last week.  I had to finally bust out my maternity clothes because there is no way I can wear my pre-pregnancy clothes w/o the help of a belly band.  I can fit my old shirts but it looks really silly with my belly poking out from the bottom.  I don't really want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes but it's a little difficult especially if you're working.  I think I've spent about $300 on maternity clothing (from cheap places like Old Navy) but it's still not enough!  I'd hate to spend more for clothes I'd be only wearing a few months...

I have an obgyn appointment this Wednesday.  I haven't heard any results from the gestational diabetes test so I'm hoping no news is good news.  It would totally suck if I have gestational diabetes. I've already come to the conclusion that Mignon is going to take after his daddy.  We caught a facial scan during the ultrasound and I could have sworn my baby has some big eyes, just like his daddy's (not like the little ones I have).   I also have been craving for a lot of rice and bread these days - which is Meanie's main food group.  I don't even want noodles or pho!  What the hell?  I would never refuse a bowl of pho in the past but now I do.  Weird!

I think Mignon has discovered the left part of my uterus.  Before he usually hangs out on the right side so I would get that weird feeling in my ribs but now he's been hanging out on my left side.  I guess he's also been running out of room. It's so bizarre because sometimes I'll hear this weird *thwok* sound coming from my tummy. Usually after I've eaten alot and get a big kick and then I hear a *THWOK*. LOL.  It's kinda entertaining.  His kicks have definitely been getting stronger and it's almost a little startling now.  I stared at my belly for a few minutes yesterday hoping to see the movements from the outside but I haven't been able to catch that yet. 

We went to the conclusion of our baby/childcare class yesterday and went over some breathing exercises and to familiarize ourselves with C sections.  I've always been scared of childbirth and labor but now that I know a little more about it, it's not as traumatizing.  Knowledge is key!  But still, I'm still not looking forward to it.  It's going to be rough!  I try not to think about it since the date is getting closer and closer but it's getting really hard.  Everyone tells me I'll be ok and I'm sure of it but....*scared*  :(


We just had our first BBQ over the weekend.  The weather was well in the 80's and 90's and it was beautiful.  Meanie and I hosted my family for the first time and we had lotsa food - marinated ribeye steaks, veggie kabobs, Viet spring rolls, buffalo chicken wings, house salad. It was really good!  I'm lucky to have a husband that likes to cook.  He doesn't trust me in the kitchen for cooking which is fine by me. I don't have to do any work.  But he totally leaves me alone in the baking department.  Hehe.

Now that it's warm out, all the icky bugs are coming out.  Our house is unfortunately plagued with these big, black and juicy (body) ants.  They're too big for me to kill and I don't want to slap them with a magazine or newspaper cuz those will seriously leave some bug guts everywhere.  And I'm sure Meanie gets tired of me screeching for him to come and kill a juicy ant every time.  I've seen 5 over the weekend and they're digusting.  They're on the floors, the walls and they're just everywhere.  My sister also tells me that after the ants come, the cave crickets come! They're like these big black crickets and they jump high - to around the height of a person's waist.  Ew.  And since they jump alot, they're really hard to catch.  I hate bugs. 

My friend told me about this awesome bug killer last year.  It's shaped like a tennis racket but the grid lines have shocks running thru them.  So you can basically zap your bugs and kill them that way.  Hahahah.   I finally got one and used it a couple times this weekend.  Meanie thinks I'm totally sadistic because I laff with an evil glee and I see the bugs electrocuted by the mini zaps coming from the racket.  But it totally works! I don't have to squish those suckers and they just totally fry up. Awesomeness!

OH man! I got that thing for $5 and I just noticed it's selling for $11 now.  Wth!  Well, there are other kinds that are still going for $5.  I was thinking of stocking up on it because they work so well! :)

Apr. 20th, 2009

27 Weeks Ultrasound/Childcare Class

So we went to get an ultrasound on Friday at my doctor's request - just to make sure everything's ok and normal.  Honestly, I was freaking out about the ultrasound because what if's were flooding my mind.  What if they find something bad?  What if everything wasn't normal?  What if...??!!  It could drive you mad.  This was our first time to the hospital in the area.  It's really quite nice!  It's also the hospital where I'll also end up delivering the baby.  Saint Barnabas Medical Center.  I hadn't known how close the hospital was to my parents' church (and also where Meanie and I got married)!  The center is really nice and it's nearby the house so it's all good.

We got to the ultrasound place and we had to wait a little longer than the other people because I was a new patient there.  But we finally got in and we got to see the baby again.  We heard the heartbeat - which was normal and then we got to see him.  And we made sure it was a baby boy. Haha.  [Ugh, I tried to upload pics here but blocked here at work, go figure *rolls eyes* - you can see the pictures on my facebook]  And we got to see scans of the baby.  He's gotten a lot bigger since the last time we saw him and he's 2 lbs now!  His head was in my pubic area and the rest of him was hanging out on the right side of my body, under the ribcage. I noticed he likes to hang out there and gives me a few kicks here and there.  They don't hurt yet but they're starting to feel a bit strange.  Kinda like grinding against my bones.  Really odd sensation.

The doctor says that everything looks normal!  His heart, his spine, his face! Yay!  *sigh of relief* and that he's growing "beautifully".  During the scan, they did a flash across the face and it looks like he's inherited his daddy's big eyes.  Yay!

So yeah, we were both ecstatic upon hearing the good news.  *two big sighs of relief*

On Sunday, we were enrolled in a 2-part Childcare class.  I went to one a long time ago when my sister was pregnant with her first.  The mid-wife/doula was very nice and she taught us the different stages of labor and even showed a videotape of labor.  I was very nervous about watching it and it was pretty grisly but now that I know what's going to happen during labor (kinda), it seems to be less scary.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still not looking forward to the pains of labor but it's all normal, right? It was like this unknown thing before but now that I've got some little clue, it doesn't seem as traumatically scary anymore. 

We were in a class about 20 people; 10 couples.  I noticed everyone staring at my belly bump and noticed that everyone else was way farther along than I was.  I'm about 28 weeks tomorrow - the 3rd trimester.  Oh boy!  I've still got 3 months left and I feel like my time is very soon until I saw the rest of the women in the class.  Those women were way bigger than I was and around 35-37 weeks pregnant.  They're due in only a few weeks! Wow!

We were told to bring water and a light snack and I snook a peak to see what everyone was eating/drinking.  Mainly water and fruit snacks.  I noticed dairy foods give me a lot of acid reflux/heartburn these days and it's super uncomfortable.  How in the world am I supposed to get my calcium and vitamins from dairy if it only causes me uncomfort?  Everything dairy makes me feel blah - cereal with milk, yogurt, cheese, organic milk, everything!  It's so frustrating.  I want to eat those things (and are a big staple in my diet) but I can't because it's too uncomfortable.  *sigh*  I think I'm ok with ice cream but I can't go around eating gallons of ice cream without gaining a tonnage!  Even a bagel with butter gives me heartburn.  *sigh*

I think this baby is going to take after his daddy.  My cravings lately consist of rice and bread - daddy's favorites.  I like rice myself but I don't love it.  And I think I prefer noodles over rice but now?  I want rice and bread all the time!

We also learned some breathing techniques during labor.  I don't know if that's the same as Lamaze?  But it's the 2-count; 3-count and 4-count breathing and tips about labor.  We also took a tour of the facility.  It's a really nice hosptial! And all rooms are private at no extra cost and free wifi!  Noice!

The 2nd part and the conclusion of the class takes place next Sunday.  I think we'll learn some essential baby caregiving stuff. :)

On other news, my parents are leaving for Taiwan next Saturday for 3 weeks for their annual trip.  So we'll have to housesit and take care of Tigger.  But Meanie is going to have to scoop his poop because of the risk of toxicity in kitty poop is harmful to preggers women.  I hope he'll fare ok.  He's got a poop phobia - which he better get used to cuz Mignon is going to be spitting out a bunch of poop diapers soon! Heheh.  There's no possible way I can change all of his diapers.  Daddy's gotta do his diaper duty too!!

I've also started re-reading the Twilight series.  I'm halfway thru New Moon now.. Hehe!

Funny thing:  A co-worker told me today that he ran into someone in the mailroom and that she was totally raving about how good the Twilight movie was.  She's never read the book but she and all her friends thought the movie was soooo goood!  Wow.  I guess you either love it or you either hate it.  =X  I hated it alot at first but after watching it for the 2nd time and watching all the bonus stuff, I can appreciate it more but it's still not "awesome".  I'm hoping the next sequel will give it some justice.  I hope!!!

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